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Whether you are a start up or an established brand, we help your business gain traction and presence online.

With nearly 20 years development experience, ranging from companies such as Thomson Directories, Yellow Pages, Godaddy and Amazon, we have worked with the very best in the business.

Our technical reports and services can help floundering websites recover lost traffic.

Call us today to see how we can help you create a stunning online presence that will impress your peers and customers alike.

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Refresh Design. Update Your Website.

Total Commitment To Your Online Business

“You have spent a lot of time and money on your existing website. Utilize your existing content whilst rebooting your online presence. Let us bring it up to date with our refresh design service and create a whole new feel to revitalize your brand.”

Yorkshire Design provides a seamless process where we can update your website without any downtime. We can replicate existing content and branding so you do not lose any search engine rankings. We just modernize it to stay ahead of the competition, allowing new features to be added and attract new customers.


Our systems are setup to include all of your branding and current content. We can either migrate what you have already, or create a whole new website using your brand.


To enquire about our refresh design packages, or how we can benefit you,  contact us either by phone or on our email form.

Modern Platforms You Can Self Service.

We cater for any website platform. especially WordPress.

We cater for any website platform. especially WordPress.

Proper Websites By Yorkshire Design
Can You Do 'Pure Code' Websites?

We have been making websites since well before the advent of content management systems. We can make bespoke websites from the ground up using various languages such as PHP, HTML5 and Javascript.


Every website is unique, so please call us with your ideas and we will be happy to come and discuss your needs with you. We can discuss whether you need to use our refresh design service or create a new website from afresh.

Can You Migrate From One CMS To Another?

Content Management Systems (CMS) give a platform for your website to be designed on. By far the most popular and versatile of the mainstream systems is WordPress. There are several other systems in place such as Joomla or Shopify, but WordPress in our view is the best fit for most businesses.

Migrate Or Refresh Design?

We can migrate from one system to another, with pages and posts being imported. However if you want to completely change your platform from one CMS to another, it is not a small undertaking. Yes we can do this, but think carefully about your branding and reach. When migrating to a new platform you are generally creating a new website from scratch. In our experience it is best to start from afresh due to the possible complexities of migration. Contact us to enquire about a possible platform migration.

Do You Make WordPress Or Shopify Websites?

We encourage the use of WordPress due to it’s versatility and open source nature, but we can also make websites using all CMS systems.

But Why WordPress?

We find that WordPress is the best for users to self manage, allowing your staff to get fully involved in the management and maintenance of your website after build. Whatever you wish to achieve with your website, we tend to find that WordPress will normally fit your needs. However if you wish to run your business on another platform, we will be able to create your website using these platforms as well.

What Guarantees Do You Offer?

To ensure that your website has the best possible start, we provide two performance guarantees when your website is handed over:


Firstly, we guarantee that you website will have a ‘Pagespeed’ ranking of at least 90% according to GT Metrix. This ensures that it is well coded, fast, and indexed properly by Google and the other major search engines that people use online.


Secondly, we guarantee that the website will be error free and running correctly. This guarantee is in place for both new websites and ones that take advantage of our refresh design service.

Can The Content Be Self Managed?

Yes it can. Due to the nature of the internet and the need to create new content for your website regularly, we recommend using a CMS system such as WordPress. These systems allow you to  create new content and update your website at your own speed.

WordPress Novice?

If you are new to creating web pages, we can provide training so you will be creating new content in no time. Also, most IT staff are normally familiar with content creation using these systems so your team should be able to maintain your website without any major problems.


Alternatively, we do provide content creation services should you need them. Please contact us to discuss your needs and how we can accomplish your goals.

Is There Any Restrictions On The Code?

Due to our ‘Design Freedom‘ guarantee, there is absolutely no restrictions on the code we write. All pure code websites are written without any restrictions and you are free to examine the code at any time after the handover of your website.


Content management systems such as WordPress are ‘open source’ software therefore have no restrictions on them. Where required, we provide full unrestricted versions of plugins with all of our installs. For example, we use ‘Yoast’ SEO software on all of our websites. We do not use trial versions and any price we quote will include the full versions of any add-ons. Please do note that some CMS software may incur annual licensing fees – we will make you aware of any license fees upfront.

Plugins Licenses & Costs For WordPress?

In all cases your website will be officially licensed with full versions of installed plugins where they are required. This means your website will update on the day any updates are made to the additional plugins.

Additional Costs

Some plugins require a small annual fee. The first year will be included in the cost of the website build. We will notify you if there are any ongoing annual charges before the commencement of your website build. The annual fees are usually very low. Usually these fees are less than £100 a year. In the case of Woocommerce, this can be a little higher but again we will inform you of the running costs during the initial consultation.

Can You Setup My Server And Infrastructure?

We often recommend a complete overhaul of your web structure so we can work effectively on your website. We do not recommend the standard WordPress hosting (such as Godaddy) as it does not provide the flexibility that dedicated performance web hosting provides.


Whilst we can work on your current server setup, we do recommend you put your website on a platform that allows for full access to your files and is dedicated to speed. Personally, we always recommend Kinsta Web Hosting. Whilst not the cheapest, it allows you to host from within the UK and is extremely fast, using the Google Cloud platform directly.

You Are In Control

With our ‘Design Freedom’ guarantee, we do not take control of your servers or your domain. You have full access at all times to it. We do not run our own hosting, instead we recommend Kinsta who are dedicated to ensuring total up time and reliability. We only recommend UK based servers to allow for better search rankings and faster retrieval of your website for UK based users.

What Are Your Payment Methods?

We accept payment via invoice, credit card, bank transfer, Paypal or even Bitcoin.

The Small Print

Either for new websites or our refresh design service, we require a 25% non-refundable deposit with the balance due on website handover. Full invoices are produced on the fly and will appear in your account area after your official order is placed.

Other Common Questions

Can You Make New Videos & Graphics?

Yes we can. We can create full high definition video’s for your website or marketing purposes, complete with audio tracks. We can use either your own content and integrate it into the video’s, or create video’s from scratch using stock footage. All videos are in the favoured MP4 playing format.


Graphics and logo’s can also be created by our specialist design team. We can keep your current branding or design a whole new brand for you. It’s your call.

Will There Be Any Downtime?

All of our websites are developed in a ‘sandbox’ within a live web environment. This means you can keep your existing website running while we are developing a new site for you. Generally there will be no downtime at all as we can migrate existing content into your new website. We then perform a DNS switch on your domain name, to point the domain to the new website. Alternatively we can upload the new site onto your existing servers and there may be minimal downtime as it is uploaded. This is generally not for more than a few minutes.

Going Live

New websites will only go live on full handover. At this point we will upload any sitemaps and allow the search engines to find your website. It is also at this point that the website will accessible by the public and you will be live. All website launches are monitored and checked for 24hrs. This ensures everything is running correctly and being indexed as planned.

What About Adding E-Commerce Capabilities?

E-Commerce and online shopping are now the cornerstone for most online businesses. We can provide full e-commerce integration from all CMS systems such as WordPress to Shopify. We will design the entire store from payment gateways to account areas to completely match the design of your website. This allows for a seamless customer experience.


We provide training on how to stock up your store, add new products and keep it all updated. Alternatively if you have a large existing product base we may be able to import the inventory into the website automatically. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

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