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With nearly 20 years development experience, ranging from companies such as Thomson Directories, Yellow Pages, Godaddy and Amazon, we have worked with the very best in the business.

Our technical reports and services can help floundering websites recover lost traffic.

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SEO – Optimise Your Website.

“Being found by all the major search engines and ranking on the first page is critical to your business success. Ranking well organically (SEO) stops the need for reliance on paid advertising, which can be exorbitantly expensive.”

Become search engine friendly and bolster your online presence. Search engine optimisation is a large part of online marketing. It starts at the planning and coding stage of your website. Then it must be regularly ‘serviced’ and monitored to ensure your business stays on top of the competition on an ongoing basis. We offer the full range of SEO services from keyword research to content creation.


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Putting The Pieces Together

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How Search Engine Optimisation Works.

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Why Is SEO So Important?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a complete art form on it’s own. It is the way your site is setup, the content it contains, and it’s overall popularity. This allows the major search engines such as Google to rank you in their algorithms. The better your website is made the more the search engines like it.

Why Is Ranking So Important?

Appearing on the front page of Google has a profound effect on the traffic you receive to your website. The difference between being on the first page and being on the second page of Google can mean over 100 fold increase in traffic. Put simply, you will get far more business in your local area if your website is ‘Google Friendly’. You start by ensuring the website is well made and structured correctly.

Can I Pay To Appear At The Top Of The Search Engines?

Yes you can, indeed when you first launch a new website it is a recommended way to attract some attention. However, good SEO ensures you ‘organically’ rank at the top of the search engines without the need to pay to be there. SEO is a far more cost effective strategy to get the maximum exposure online. Once you are ranked high enough on the search engines, you won’t be paying anything other than SEO costs for your traffic.

Your SEO In The Future

SEO is an ongoing challenge, with new content and pages needed. This enables you to stay at the top of the rankings and ahead of your competition.

What We Can Do For You.

For Site Builds, What Do We Focus On?

We create our websites from the ground up. This means all websites are coded to the latest standards are fully optimised when we handover your website. To put it simply, your website is ranked after it is indexed by a search engine robot. The more friendly it is, the more ‘slippery’ it is, the more the search engines will like it.

What Are The Costs Involved?

With our ‘Freedom of Design’ you are free to take us up on a 12 month personal works SEO contract, or have just a single month status report if you wish. For single month reports, we highly recommend ordering our Website Audit Report‘ to give you a new starting point with an exiting website. From here we can gauge exactly what path to take when optimising your website.

SEO Small Print

Monthly plans require an initial deposit so we can run our report to give us a starting point that allows us to track your website’s progress over time. An initial payment of 25% of the contract (3 months upfront) is required to begin work and start optimising your website.


We cannot give exact prices as every website is different, but we do provide a service guarantee so your website will definitely see a big jump in rankings overall.

Can You Maintain My Existing Website?

Yes, we can. We can be your all-in-one IT department that not only performs traditional SEO, but could also advise and modify an existing website to perform better or be more usable to your customers.


If your website is not performing as it should, give us a call and we can advise on the phone immediately if we see any stumbling blocks. We think outside of the box. Just one phone call can give you a whole new perspective.

How Do You Advance My Website?

We monitor your website on a regular basis by performing SEO reports. This will allow us to see the progress and advise on any content that needs to be created or keywords that can be targeted.

Keyword Coverage Expansion

Over time your website will increase it’s rankings over a spectrum of keywords – all in the right areas. We focus on quality, placement, and building a relevant strategy that is suitable for your line of business. Over time you will see a large jump in traffic from the major search engines.

Another Day Another Dollar

Using SE Monitor To Monitor Your Traffic Flow.

What Do I get With My Dashboard?

We have partnered with SE Ranking to give you a powerful dashboard that not only allows you to track your websites progress, but that of your local competitors as well. See what your competitors are up to and trump them in the search engine rankings!


All of our websites get totally free access to this service for a period of 12 months. Alternatively for non design / works customers we can offer you your own personal account with us. This includes a monthly 1 hour consultation as well as dashboard access priced at just £1,250 annually. This is paid in 6 month installments. We will set the account up for you with your keywords the same day and you are then free to login and self service your SEO on your website. We will then have our monthly SEO calls to suggest improvement create a plan of action.

How Do I Gain Access?

For design and works SEO customers we are on hand to provide personal advice on how to improve your SEO. We also perform the initial setup where we can input your domain and keywords to set up the monitoring. We can also monitor up to five of your local competitors so we can replicate and then improve on their marketing to get your website above them in the rankings.

FOR Non-Design / SEO Works Customers

If you wish to subscribe and self manage your SEO, you pay for 12 months upfront (£299). This includes a 2 hour on-boarding session to learn and personalize the software. You can subscribe anytime and cancel anytime you wish. If you cancel within 12 months you will still get access to the tools until the 12 month period has ended.


If you wish for us to be pro-active with your SEO and take on the work ourselves, we can talk about a package that is subject to a 12 month contract and will require 3 months payment upfront. The monthly SE Ranking service is all about self service and providing you with the tools to gain more insight into your websites performance.

Track Your Website And Watch Business Grow.

How Do We Monitor Results?

For new customers we recommend commissioning a ‘Website Audit Report‘. This gives us the current situation with your website allowing us a new starting point to focus on. This will give us a lot of information to see how the search engines are seeing your website. From here we can see which keywords to target, what needs improvement, build a back linking strategy and so on.


Once we have an agreed starting point formed, we can begin the optimisation process which is an ongoing strategy to improve your website search engine rankings. We will use a combination of reports from SE Monitor, SEMRush, Google Analytics and GT Metrix to ensure your website is moving forwards as planned.

Are All Reports Fully Inclusive In The Costs?

This depends on the strategy as agreed on a month-to-month basis. All reporting and advice is fully inclusive. If you want to have extras such as build back links, extra costs may be accrued over time – but nothing is done without prior agreement from yourselves.

SEO Contracts

Our contracts include all reporting, costs and a set time each month allowing us to move your website towards your goals. This will include providing your team with sound advice for the coming month to carry out in conjunction with your current online strategy. In some cases, we can setup a monthly meeting to discuss your needs and how to further your websites reach.

What Do You Need To Begin SEO Work?

If you already have a website, we will fully evaluate the current website and advise accordingly. If we feel that it would be more cost effective to have a new website designed from the outset, we will advise you to do a refresh or complete redesign. Although rare, there are times it is more cost effective to build afresh rather than renovate the old.


We have month-to-month SEO contracts, or for the full SEO reporting service where we have monthly meetings, a full 12 month contract is required. If you are happy to proceed, we require a 25% payment (or full pre-payment on month-to-month deals) to begin work.

Yorkshire Is Where It's At

Making Content? We Can Create A Plan.

Creating Content And Building Your Platform.

We can provide full reporting of your website in it’s current form. Additionally, we can see where you are for your targeted keywords and provide advice on your website’s structure and content viability.

We can do competitor analysis to see where your main competitors are taking business from you. By formulating a plan moving forward, we can look to increase your rankings and take business back from your competitors.

SEO is a long term project that is designed to replace the need for paid advertising online. If we can get enough keyword coverage from the major search engines, we will dramatically increase your online exposure. It is at this point you will see an upturn in visitors. We also advise on keeping the visitors engaged. This increases the liklihood of the visitors turning into customers.

It is always recommended that you audit your website first with our ‘Website Audit‘. This enables you to immediately see the current structure and setup of your website and fix any errors that could be detrimental to your future SEO efforts. They also pinpoint any usability issues that may hinder user engagement with your website.

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