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Blazing Fast UK Hosting.

Having a good web host is critical for your business. Nothing turns people away more than slow or non responsive websites. That’s why we recommend Kinsta web hosting for all of our customers.

Kinsta allows you to host your website within the UK. This is another one of the pointers  to Google that you are a UK based business which has a positive impact on local marketing. It is the fastest web host out there, and has it’s own content delivery network that delivers all of your media in super fast times.

With our design freedom guarantee, we give you the power to host where you choose. Using Kinsta as your website host is strongly recommended by us as it ensures stability, speed, and easy website management.

Kinsta Web Hosting

£100 Discount

Host With Kinsta. Applicable To All New Websites.
Applied On Invoice – Check Hosting Packages
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Web Design


UK Hosting
Simple Controls
Extreme Speed
Web Hosting Refreshes Your Website

Web Hosting Is The Very Chassis

Your Website Is Built On
Check Kinsta
Check Kinsta

We can set your server up for you. Both your website and domain can be setup from within the dashboard meaning everything is very easy to manage. They also have their own super fast content delivery network which means all of your data is delivered to the customers computer or device very efficiently.


Probably the easiest to manage dashboard for your business.

As well as the UK, Kinsta hosts your website in 14 different counties. You just select your home or ‘main’ location as the UK for optimum delivery within Yorkshire. The content is then delivered through it’s own network so no matter where you are in the world, you get great website rankings as it gives your business a global presence.


Content delivery networks (CDN) are very important to ensure a smooth experience for your customers, especially if you have a lot of content or video on your website.

Their advanced setup is hosted directly on the Google Cloud using AWS. It is simply the best infrastructure you can put a website on. Your business demands to be accessible at all times. Kinsta ensures your customers can reach you at any time, night or day.


You must keep your website running smoothly at all times to ensure a good first impression. 

Host your business directly on the Google cloud.

Accessible business class web hosting.

Private lightening fast content delivery network.

UK based server option for preferential rankings in Google UK.

All in one domain and website management platform.

Proper UK hosting from just £30 a month.

Don’t Take Any Chances With Your Brand.

Web Hosting Is The First Link In The Customer Journey.

The web host you choose is critical because it forms the infrastructure that your business is based on. Kinsta Web Hosting allows small businesses to take advantage of the Google Cloud platform, which is without doubt the strongest place to host your website.

Having your website hosted in the UK gives some preference to your business in the Google UK search results. For local marketing (as we do in Yorkshire), the fine margins make all the difference. Not only will your website be faster loading, but it will also gain a few more places in the search engine ranking placements.

Yes you can buy cheaper hosting elsewhere, but we would strongly recommend against it. You work hard at your business. Using Kinsta means your website is placed in the best place it can be. Pound for pound it is fantastic value for money.

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