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Make Your Website Get Faster Pagespeed Make Your Website Faster


Time To Rev Up Your Website

From £349 Inc

Up to 5 WordPress landing pages
Plus additional plans available below




“Having a faster page speed is critical not only for SEO but for user experience. Your website must be as ‘slippery’ as possible to stand out from the crowd. Our faster PageSpeed Booster service fixes everything in one go. Simple.”

Our Faster PageSpeed service fixes many unseen problems. For WordPress installs, we have a flat-fee service and guarantee your website will score over 90% according to GT Metrix. If your site is slow or losing customers, take the headache out of trying to speed it up. We will do it for you, fully tested across devices within 72 hours.


We guarantee you a stable PageSpeed score of over 90% according to GT Metrix at the time of completion. Otherwise you get your money back.


To find out more, you can contact us by phone or email us. Alternatively, you can order directly online right now!

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What’s Google Pagespeed ?

Why Is Pagespeed So Important?

Having a faster Pagespeed has a huge impact on two things. Firstly the user experience. How fast your page loads has a big impact on your bottom line. Have you ever clicked away from a slow loading website?
It happens all the time so make sure yours is fast.


Secondly, the impact it can have on your SEO efforts. Google loves fast loading websites. The faster and more responsive it is to customer commands, the better chance it has of achieving good rankings.
In a nutshell Google penalizes slow websites.

How Does It Effect My Google Ranking?

A consistently faster pagespeed score shows Google that your website has been constructed correctly. Their ranking algorithm gives preference to well built and responsive websites. They do this so they display fast websites first. Google (and all the other major search engines) want it’s users to have a good browsing experience. That’s one of the reasons Pagespeed is of such importance. It looks good for Google – to show the best.

Pagespeed – Thinking About The Customer

To put it bluntly, show Google your website has been constructed with the user in mind and they will start taking more notice of you.

How Does It Improve Customer Experience?

Ever browsed a website that’s really slow ? Frustrating isn’t it?


This is due to either hosting errors, or the website not being optimised correctly. A slow website turns customers away. It looks unprofessional and it’s not what customers expect in this day and age.

Our Pagespeed Booster Makes All The Difference

Optimising your pagespeed means your website will load quicker and be more responsive. It keeps their mindset in the buying process rather than distracting them. An efficient website allows the user to concentrate on what you are offering, not what your website is not doing.

Can You Get My Website To 100%?

Rarely yes, but this boils down to testing, any required plugins you use, and your hosting platform. We do not have control of external plugins or your host so cannot make coding changes externally – we make the best of what you have.


Additionally, we thoroughly test your website across all popular browsers and devices. Websites behave differently depending on the browser or device used. For example a Javascript or CSS load order may work perfectly on Chrome, but not work at all on Safari. It’s how a browser ‘parses’ a web page that makes all the difference.


Through our testing, we find the perfect balance of a high pagespeed score and compatibility across all devices and browsers. It is this testing that sets us apart. Some people are not aware their website is not working correctly on all devices.


This is why we guarantee 90% alongside total compatibility with our pagespeed booster service. Your website will work at it’s optimal level whilst being compatible to everyone’s needs. You may even see some small ‘errors‘ will remain at the end of the process. These will not be errors but requirements to ensure your website is visible to everyone no matter what device they are using.

Faster Pagespeed - Make Your Website Faster

It Just Matters.

Benefits Of Having A Faster Website.

SEO & Pagespeed Services From Yorkshire Design

Why It Helps.

No Wait…..

Why It Really Helps.

Better Rankings In All The Search Engines

A faster website responds better when Google pings your website. Google likes this and gives weight to your overall SEO efforts. You may have great content and SEO structure but a website that is slow can nullify all your efforts. Today’s world is about instant information. Google does not like it when you make it wait around.


It’s not just about speed. It’s about coding quality. Our pagespeed booster service changes the way your website behaves. It makes it more appealing to the end user which Google loves. As you create more content with a faster website, your rankings will increase as it’s not just your content doing the talking – it’s delivered to Google more efficiently too.


Think of it as a motor car. It may look all shiny on the outside, but it’s not going anywhere without a great engine inside it!

It Stops A Lot Of Bounced Traffic

Bounced traffic is where people come to your website and click away without looking at what you have to offer. They do not look at any additional pages at all other than your homepage. If you have a high bounce rate, pagespeed could be your problem.


Alongside good content and design, pagespeed is without doubt a big factor in bounced traffic. A faster website allows you to take advantage of every visitor. Don’t let them get away!.

Advertising Costs

If you are advertising a slow website you could be throwing money away. Bounced traffic can have a huge impact – in some cases the customer may not even see your website as they will not wait around for it to load. You pay for every click so get your website optimised to see a much better return on investment.

Much Better Loading Times

Loading times can be dramatically lowered with a correctly optimised website. We have seen load times go down by as much as 800%. If you have a website that is taking more than two seconds to initially load it may indicate a problem. Additionally if your website is not running smoothly or has quirks in navigation, this could be down to the way it’s loading.

No More Headaches

Our personal pagespeed booster service fixes this common problem and will take the frustration away.

Allows An Increase In Multimedia Content

A problem with a lot of websites is that they load into the browser incorrectly. They load the whole page before the user even sees any content. As today’s internet is getting more visually appealing, this means more data is downloaded to cope with all the video’s and pictures that may be on your website.

We Make It Possible

One of our methods is to use several loading techniques. We make it so any content is loaded in the background after the web page is loaded. This means you can make your page as beautiful as you want. The page only loads what the user sees. You can add as many video’s and pictures as you wish to really impress your clients. With our optimisation it won’t slow your website down.

Different Pagespeed Measuring Tools.

Do Plugins Harm My Website?

WordPress plugins are made by third party developers and it can often be the case that the quality of code can harm your website enormously. Even some of the more well known plugins can create serious problems. For example live chat software not only needs to make external website connections (slowing your website down) but the code installed on your WordPress site can literally double the size of an optimised platform.


Live chat for us is a big no-no!


We can certainly optimise most plugins, but in some cases we will recommend removing them or finding a replacement. Specific plugins are often a necessity so we will optimise the critical ones as best as we can. This is why we guarantee a 90% pagespeed score – with some plugins it is not possible to attain an even higher rating because some external coding is outside of our control.

Testing. Testing, Testing

When working with plugins we test your website across devices every step of the way. We don’t just defer the Javascript or CSS and hope for the best. We individually modify and test components as we perform the tune up. This way your tune up will be fully bespoke and your website will be performing at it’s optimal level whilst working for everyone.


Bespoke SEO tuning. It just works.

What Is Google Insights?

Google insights is the speed index measuring tool provided directly by Google. For newer websites it is more of an estimate of website efficiency. For more established websites, where enough data has been collected it is a demographic of real world usage. In other words they measure how your website is performing in the real world.


This perhaps is one of the most important factors when gauging your website’s performance. The speed can fluctuate depending on how your server responds. Our homepage desktop score goes anywhere from 91% – 98% depending on network traffic at the time of query.


The difference between GTMetrix and Google Insights is that GTMetrix gives a more stable measurement of your website structure rather than including network conditions. This is why our guarantee is based on GTMetrix rather than Google Insights. GTMetrix uses a slightly older version of the Google Speed tool (it’s the same API). Both are pretty much the same but GTMetrix is actually slightly more comprehensive and is centric on your website’s coding itself.


It is good to use both tools to increase your pagespeed. An increase in GTMetrix will invariably mean an increase in Google’s Pagespeed. Google’s index is generally used after you have optimised via GTMetrix to fine tune your website.

Website Presentation V's Site Speed

It is easy to get obsessed with your website’s speed. However in most cases there is a balance that must be made between speed and website functionality. For example, our Google Insights score runs at an average of 94% on the homepage. This is a very high score. If we take off the branded video’s out of the page, we can get this up to 98% but we felt that it is better to convey branding and a better visual experience rather than go for all out speed.


Google Insights provides two scores. One shows your speed for the average desktop user, and the other is specifically for mobile devices. Our own score is mid-range to low on mobile but we have decided to continue our branding on mobile devices. You really have to look at your target market and decide whether you want to appeal more to mobile users, desktop users or both. If you want to appeal to both sets of users it is normally required that you develop a new ‘AMP’ version of your website. These are very basic looking website that has a limit of 75kb for a page. Think of it as making your website look like a teletext page!


We decided against this route as our target user base mostly uses desktop devices. Don’t get too obsessed with speed at the expense of functionality. Whilst speed is one factor of good SEO, you still have to think of the end user and strike a balance between speed and functionality. We work with what you have and advise accordingly in our quest to boost your website whilst keeping as much functionality as possible.

Is YSLOW Relevant?

YSlow is Yahoo’s original sitespeed measuring tool. Whilst it is useful to know how your website is measured by them, it does not have as much relevance these days. Their algorithm has not been updated for a long time. The last known entry in the Yahoo search blog was in 2014 so we presume their algorithm has not been updated for at least 6 years.


This means the algorithm is now outdated and not a reliable index to use for the modern website. For example our own YSlow score is measured at 96%. If you go to GTMetrix and inspect this, you will see that this score is lowered by the report that our requests have not been combined, giving us a lower score on that factor. However, this scoring method does not recognise the new way of combining requests, using the new HTTP2 protocol. So whilst this scoring is lower than is reported on pagespeed, you will see that Pagespeed does indeed confirm the combining of files. This is just an indicator that Yslow scoring is now out of date due to technology moving forward and Yahoo simply not keeping up.



The above two sources are the most reliable indicators of website performance. You can use Yslow for some fine-tuning methods, but I would take the Yslow scoring with a pinch of salt. In fact if Yslow is reporting a very high score, the website may in fact be hosted on older server technology that does not support the HTTPS/2 protocol!


Use GTMetrix & Google Insights in 2020!

Yorkshire Design helps your website stay on top of the competition

Google Insights &

The Truth About YSLOW!

Pagespeed Booster Pricing Structure.

Get More Sales With Our Website Audits

Don’t Panic.

It’s The Solution.

How Does It Work?

Our pagespeed booster is done on your live website. You can monitor the changes as they happen. A key factor of this service is our diligent testing. We test your website after every change across the most popular devices. There will be no ‘down time’ and your customers will not notice what is going on in the background – until your website speeds up!


Individual changes are done to both your core website code and if applicable, your server. Both manual changes and the installation of plugins will occur. Everything will be fine tuned until your website hits 90% as measured by GT Metrix. It’s at this point your website will be optimised and yielding better results.

Our Guarantee

We will get your WordPress website to hit a 90% score on GT Metrix – or your money back. That’s right. If we don’t manage it, you don’t pay. You keep the cost of additional plugins and what we have managed to do. We normally complete the work in 24-48hrs. As an extra guarantee, we promise to complete the work within 72 hours.


If we don’t manage it – we refund you.

Wordpress Website Costs

We offer a flat one time fee to optimise your WordPress website. Even on a large website, big changes will happen with our basic package. This solution optmises your homepage and core website which will mean other parts of the website will operate much faster. The basic pack guarantees that we will get a total of 5 pages (the homepage plus 4 landing pages) to hit 90% on GT Metrix.


If you have a lot of high importance landing pages we recommend one of the larger booster packs to get your whole website performing at it’s best with every page getting individual attention.


On the larger package, we individually optimise every page to perform at it’s best, independently of other pages. This ensures every page can get the maximum from your SEO efforts. Do note our service applies to pages and not posts. Posts work differently to pages and our basic pack will ensure that post pages are automatically speeded up but are not covered by the guarantee.

PageSpeed Booster Costs

1-5 Pages £ 349.00
6 - 10 Pages £ 399.00
11 - 25 Pages £ 649.00
26 - 50 Pages £ 999.00

For websites that require more than 50 pages optimising, please contact us for prices and expected delivery time. These websites will take longer than the quoted three days to complete.

What's About Non-Worpress Websites?

Non-Wordpress websites require investigation and it is impossible to give a fixed-price quote to improve your pagespeed score. Every coding change has to be done manually through the core code which is very time consuming.

Costs & Benefits

We can offer a bespoke pagespeed booster service to these websites but the time taken can be very prohibitive. In many cases we may advise on creating a new website that better fits your needs. It is simply more cost effective for you in the long run and will probably result in a better website that is more ‘Google compliant’.


If however you would like us to take a look and provide a quotation, please contact us. We can increase the score on most PHP websites. In some cases, the service can be done quickly if there are mainly common fixes. The price for non WordPress websites usually starts at around £995 for a homepage / generic audit. If your site uses standard header and footer PHP code this common fix usually helps the entire website speed up dramatically.

What's Included In The Pagespeed Package?

We use both in-house and 3rd party plugin solutions to optimise your website. This involves (but not limited to):


  • General coding changes to the core code of WordPress.
  • Dynamic plugin installation and configuration.
  • Full official registered plugins where required.
  • Image & video compression to optimise all current & future media.
  • Correcting load order to be browser friendly.
  • Set up your server to reduce errors.
  • JS and CSS minification – both automatic and manual techniques.
  • Various fixes and corrections to attain the pagespeed target.
  • Installation of additional SEO plugins to aid marketing.
  • Plus lots more!


After Pagespeed Optimisation

Your website will be correctly setup and work better in the future. Additionally, any new pages and posts that you create will also be automatically optimised. We will also show you how to optimise images correctly before uploading new ones.


We will hit the pagespeed target or your money back.

How Do I Get Started?

Start Today. Your Website Will Be Optimised Within 24 – 72 hours.

We blow your website wide open with our website audit reports and getting faster pagespeed.

Fix It. Fast.

Drop us an email or call us to get started. We will need temporary logins to your WordPress control panel as well as FTP (server) logins. We may need this to make configuration changes to your server. If you cannot get access to your server logins we can still help as your host can make the required changes. We will send you instructions to forward to them.

Pre-payment for this service is required. If the target score has not been attained within 72 hours of you giving us your login details, your money will be refunded – no questions asked. We accept payment via credit / debit card, Paypal, bank transfer or Bitcoin.

Some plugins require the full version to get the maximum out of your website. These incur us costs but they are covered in your service charge. There is nothing else to pay.


No matter what your website score is, our pagespeed booster service will get it to the target score. If you think we your website is past it’s best or don’t believe us, why don’t you challenge us today?

Your Local Web & SEO Specialists.