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The Pitfalls Of Hiring Incompetent Freelancers

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By: Simon | Category: Pagespeed, Web Design
Published Date: 10th January, 2024

Recognising the importance of a fast loading website, many businesses turn to freelancers for WordPress speed optimisation. However, not all freelancers are created equal, and hiring the wrong ones can lead to disastrous consequences.

Lack Of Technical Proficiency

One of the primary reasons for the failure of certain freelancers in speeding up WordPress websites is their inadequate technical proficiency.

Speed optimisation requires a deep understanding of server configurations, caching mechanisms, and code optimisation. Freelancers lacking these skills may implement quick fixes that provide temporary solutions but fail to address the root causes of slow loading websites.

Misuse Of Plugins

WordPress offers a plethora of plugins designed to enhance various aspects of a website, including speed. However, inexperienced freelancers may rely heavily on plugins without understanding their impact on website performance. Overuse or misuse of plugins can lead to conflicts, bloated code, and ultimately slower loading times.

Other Warning Signs

Ignoring Core Optimisation Techniques

Successful speed optimisation involves a combination of various techniques, including image optimisation, minification of CSS and JavaScript files, and proper server configuration. Incompetent freelancers may overlook these fundamental aspects, opting for quick but superficial solutions that do not yield long term improvements.

Failure To Conduct Comprehensive Audits

A reliable freelancer should conduct a thorough audit of the website before implementing any optimisation measures. This includes identifying resource intensive elements, analysing server response times, and understanding the website’s structure.

Freelancers who skip this crucial step risk implementing generic optimisations that may not be suitable for the specific needs of the website.

Always Clear Server Cache

You May Not Realise

Your Website Is Broken

Lack Of Testing & Monitoring

Optimising a website for speed is an ongoing process that requires continuous testing and monitoring. Incompetent freelancers may neglect this aspect, leaving websites vulnerable to future performance issues. Regular testing helps identify bottlenecks and ensures that the implemented solutions continue to deliver optimal results over time.

Unethical Practices

Some freelancers may resort to unethical practices, such as black hat SEO techniques or the use of unauthorised tools, to artificially inflate website speed metrics. While these shortcuts may show immediate improvements, they often lead to long term consequences, such as penalties from search engines or compromised website security.

User Centric Optimisation

Developers will increasingly shift towards a more user centric approach to performance optimisation. Instead of merely focusing on meeting specific metric thresholds, there will be a greater emphasis on understanding how these metrics align with real user experiences. This shift will likely lead to more personalised and context aware optimisations.

Analysing Communication Breakdown

Effective communication is vital for the success of any freelancing project. Incompetent freelancers may fail to clearly communicate their strategies, progress, and potential challenges. This lack of transparency can result in misunderstandings, missed deadlines, and a final deliverable that does not meet the client’s expectations.

My Conclusions

Hiring freelancers to speed up WordPress websites can be a cost effective and efficient solution when done correctly. However, businesses must exercise caution when selecting freelancers, ensuring they possess the necessary technical skills, experience, and ethical standards.

By avoiding the pitfalls of incompetent freelancers, businesses can achieve sustainable improvements in website speed and enhance the overall user experience for their audience.

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