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A Blast From The Past

PHP Search Engine

Tackling The Impossible

By: Simon | Category: Portfolio (Historic)
Published Date: 4th January, 2024

I like to show my old websites so you can really get a feel for my experience. This search engine was created by me way back in 2017, and it was a huge project. It is still online today, although it has not been updated for many years, and thus the coding is now out of date, with some of the API’s now defunct.

This is an example of coding from the ground up. It does not have a WordPress backend, or any other CMS – it is a pure PHP and Javascript website.

Search The Whole Internet

The idea was simple. Make a search engine that would make the whole world local. Google had taken away the facility to group results so you could see your local search results from any location. So I bought it back, and it worked. You could be on holiday in Australia, and see results local to the UK if you wished. It was great for holidaymakers or travelers who wanted to check the internet as it was ‘back home’.

A Blank Sheet Of Paper

Coding a website in this way is something that is not done anymore. It is literally starting from a blank sheet of paper. It was not just about design. The focus was on functionality. You had to make the site work first, then design it.

Nowadays we do not have to generally do this, but the experience gained was immense. It’s like a car mechanic. These days, you can plug your car into a computer and it can tell you what is wrong. But a real ‘grease monkey’ knows exactly what is going on under the hood.

Yup, That’s Me!

That’s kind of like me. I am a real grease monkey of the internet, and that experience is the difference. I can fix things, because I know how to fix things, and I can make things, as I know how to make things.

API Calls Galore

A screenshot of a website with an orange background and black elements.

Global Search Results

Cross Country Referencing

Experience Counts

No matter how big your ideas are, you can always succeed if you have the best team on your side. I wanted to make something that was huge. It had moderate success, but it is now been submitted to the annuls of time. But the experience I can pass on. And that is like gold dust.

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