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By: Simon | Category: Portfolio
Published Date: 4th January, 2024

If you want the very best example of my full stack developer capabilities, take a look at the visually striking Dragonfly Video Production website.

What was initially a speed boosting exercise turned into a total website overhaul that was completed over a time period of two years.

Design And Functionality

Work that was done included a complete overhaul of the template system, allowing for fluid CSS. Elements of images and HTML could be intertwined, and respond on any screen size.

Design implementation, perfomance updates, Google and Hubspot integration, technical speed work, and video SEO were all parts of this job.

Large Projects

I can personally undertake projects, no matter what size they are. So whether you need a quick performance optimisation, or a complete project designed from start to finish, get in touch.

Taking around two years to complete, the Dragonfly website was re-engineered from the ground up to be the beautiful website it is today.

Ongoing Maintenance

Websites must be maintained and constantly structured to get the best out of them. My maintenance allows Dragonfly to keep ahead of the pack by ensuring Google best practices at all times.

A Website Like No Other

Dragonfly video production agency wordpress theme

Over 200 Pages Of Unique Content

Ensuring Website Scalability

Embracing AI

I embraced the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) during the content creation process. Through cutting edge AI technologies, I delivered a richer and more engaging experience for their visitors. At Dragonfly, I harnessed the potential of AI to elevate the quality of content, ensuring that it remains not only relevant but also at the forefront of innovation in the video marketing landscape.

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