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Pet Friendly Holiday

A Brand New Website

Embracing AI

Designing A New Website

By: Simon | Category: Portfolio
Published Date: 4th January, 2024

If you want to see a website that embraces the power of artificial intelligence, take a look at the Pet Friendly Holiday website.

This is one of my standard website designs and incorporated a dynamic blog system that is perfect for sharing content online.

Beautiful Imagery

Pet Friendly Holiday incorporates complete AI imagery and content. Everything you see was created using artificial intelligence to allow me to create a branded look for every image, and content that stands out.

Using AI dramatically cuts down on the time it takes to create amazing content, and this website illustrates that perfectly.

Maps & Location Data

This is a perfect example of maps and API integration. At the time of writing, this is a new website so there are not many properties to search – but look at the search functionality, the layout and how it all works seamlessly.

This website was made from a combination of WordPress, PHP programming and API integration, as well as having extensive AI usage.

Blog Integration

Much like this very website, Pet Friendly Holiday utilises custom post types and a dynamic blog system allowing for easy blog updates.

Google API’s

The homepage of a pet-friendly vacation rental website.

Maps, Locations & Javascript

Integrating Off The Shelf Platforms

Embracing AI

From finding pet friendly accommodation to reading about pet travel advice, this platform caters to the unique needs of pet owners. Users can enjoy the convenience of planning a getaway without compromising on their pet’s wellbeing. With my innovative solution, everything was made with the end user in mind, prioritising beautifu; presentation with simple navigation.

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