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By: Simon | Category: Portfolio
Published Date: 4th January, 2024

It may seem strange putting my own website on the portfolio, but Yorkshire Design was completely self built and a perfect example of my full stack website development expertise.

E-Commerce Functionality

I have implemented Woocommerce and a plethora of performance and functional plugins to enable a great user experience. It is more technical and in depth than it first seems.

It uses my whole arsenal of capabilities, and has been made with the user in mind. With blogs, portfolio’s, invoice systems, quote systems, video’s, images, custom code and simplistic design, it really showcases what is possible.

Simplicity Personified

The baseline for good SEO is to have a lot of good, concise content on the page. That is why I have so much information. It is easy to read, yet allows for a huge amount of content to be put on page.

Content rich websites allow for better flexibility when going after the high ranking positions in Google.

Blog Creation

The blog is completely custom made, with it’s own unique post types and allows for complete scalability. Amplify your user experience by getting me to build you one just like it, either as a bolt on to your existing website or as a standalone brand new website.

More Than It Looks

The passspeed blog wordpress theme incorporates yorkshire design elements.

A Full E-Commerce Website

Cloud Data Integration

Back To The Future

I have designed this website with a very retro colour scheme and quite an ‘old-skool’ vibe to ensure it’s branding stands out. This is important to help you rise above your competition. Let’s jump on a call to see how I can create your website and make it something to be proud of.

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