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Bedford Gardener

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By: Simon | Category: Portfolio
Published Date: 4th January, 2024

Bedford Gardener was created in late 2023, and is a perfect example of one of my standard website packages. A a new business, I had to create a website from scratch to represent the services offered by the client.

Effective Visuals

Using the reliable Salient WordPress theme I created this website, including it’s content from the ground up. It is visually striking, and head and shoulders above it’s local competitors in terms of visual appeal.

Fully responsive to any device, this website will look good to everyone no matter what device is being used.

Keeping It Simple

A first time user to your website is a potential client. They do not want to be baffled by the structure so I ensured this website was simple to navigate, with an obvious customer pathway.

Simple navigation will lower your bounce rate, especially for first time visitors.

Giving Google A Nudge

Google Maps was setup using API’s, and all location data has been sent to Google. This vastly increases your website’s discoverability.

Google Business was also setup. The website became a true trader’s dream. Simple, fast, effective, and high converting. Everything was done for him so he could carry on with his day job, without worrying about his website.

Hello Google

A bedford gardener's website featuring a wheelbarrow and a map for all your gardening needs.

Maps & Location

Google Business

A Real Shop Window

All new websites are your literal shop window to the outside world. Using the power of the internet, you can really display your services to a large audience in your target geographic location. If you would like me to create and setup your business website, why not hop on a call and see how I can help?

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