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By: Simon | Category: Portfolio
Published Date: 4th January, 2024

A local theatre came to me wanting a new website to showcase their events catalogue, and provide a focal point of contact for their members.

They had an online presence, but it had been built a long time ago and was very dated and difficult to navigate, costing them bookings and revenue.

Getting The Right Feel

As they are local to me, I did the consultation in person and got a feel for the theatre itself. They left me free reign to create them a website that needed to showcase their upcoming events. They were delighted with the results.

Using WordPress, I created a fully featured website where users could not only view events, but signpost them to an online booking system.

Simple To Update

I integrated WordPress with The Events Manager plugin and a post duplicator, so events could be created in no time. This was essential as the events change quarterly, and new posts have to be created for each event.

It would have been time consuming for them to create lots of new event pages and like any small business their job is to run a business, not a website.

Simple Calendar

Users can not only view and book events, but download any events to their Android or Apple device calendars as well. This is a great feature that resulted in more users returning to the website. It kept the booking rates up and increased overall traffic.

Simple To Update

A website showcasing the events happening at the heron theatre in january 2014.

Keeping Users Informed

Event Listings

Built To Last

Using WordPress and tried and tested plugins means this website will last for another ten years. Feedback from the public has been positive, with many complimenting the new design and  functionality. If you would like me to update or create your new website, why not hop on a call to see how I can help?

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